Pompa Booster Air Panas Comfort Home Black Samurai APB25H

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Pompa Booster Air Panas APB25H Black Samurai (All-in-one Self-Priming Peripheral Silent Booster Pump)

Applications :

  • Hot water pressure boosting for solar water heater
  • Hot water pressure boosting for heat pump
  • Hot water pressure boosting for electric water heater
  • Hot water pressure boosting for boiler

Features :

  • All-in-one compact design which integrates motor, pump, pressure tank, flow switch, pressure switch, and digital controller to provide the most stable water pressure.
  • LED light signals to indicate 4 different operating statuses.
  • Easy set-up, installation, and maintenance.
  • The most silent operation in class.
  • No more noise issue from pump short cycling.
  • Best-in-class performance in the market.
  • Higher efficiency for lower electricity bill.
  • Robust construction for better reliability.
  • Double thermal protection for motor and pump.
  • Self-testing every 24 hours to prevent mechanical seal and impeller lock.
  • Write-in dry-run protecting function to prevent pump and piping damage.
  • Max. 8M self-priming suction lift.

Spesifikasi produk :

  • Daya input listrik : 200 watt (start awal)
  • Daya output listrik :100 watt (running)
  • Daya Dorong : 12.5 meter (rata-rata)-maksimal 20 meter
  • Debit Air : 21 l/m (rata-rata)-max 41l/m
  • Inlet : 1 inch
  • Outlet : 2 inch
  • Otomatis : Yes
  • Garansi resmi service 1 tahun (diluar spare part)

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