Mesin Pompa Celup Sewage Pump DAB Grinder 15.22 TNA – 3 PHASE


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Grinder FX by DAB s a submersible pump with shredder designed for lifting and transferring sewage water in commercial building service. Grinder FX is certified EN 12050-1. Thanks to the shredder, the pump is suitable for installations with small diameter pipes or those requiring high pressure. The shredding is in AISI 630 stainless steel. Quick-bonded resin-bonded cable gland. Ideal pump for replacements thanks to the reduced dimensions and the flanged and threaded delivery ports. Designed to allow fast maintenance thanks to a constructive solution that provides easy access to the main components of the pump. Single-phase versions with integrated capacitor available with float for automatic operation (MA) with powers up to 1,5 kW. In the three-phase versions the protection is the user’s responsibility. ATEX version available for use in potentially explosive environments (ATES certifications: II2G Ex db k IIB T4 or IEC EX: Ex db IIB T4 Gb).

Pump body and impeller in cast iron. Motor shaft in AISI 304 stainless steel. Double mechanical seal in SiC-SiC/SiC-C in oil chamber not in contact with the
pumped liquid, independent of the direction of rotation. Delivery port both flanged and threaded.

Available in single-phase asynchronous motor (MA / MNA versions) and three-phase motor (TNA versions). Rotor mounted on lubricated bearings.
Continuous operation in S1 with the motor completely immersed. Dry running for a maximum time of 10 minutes. Over-temperature sensors in the motor
windings with intervention threshold at +130°C. Quick-bonded resin-bonded cable gland, 07RN8-F power cable. Single-phase versions with integrated

Spesifikasi :
– Merk : DAB
– Tipe : Grinder FX 15.22 TNA
– Daya Listrik (P2) : 2200 Watt
– Voltase : 380 volt, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
– Kapasitas (maks.) : 25 m3/jam
– Daya Dorong (maks.) : 25 meter
– Pipa Outlet : 11/2?
– Buatan : Italy
– Garansi Resmi : 1 tahun

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